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Installing Radiant Heating in Your Home
is a BIG Investment.

Will You Know if the Contractor is
Taking Shortcuts?

How Can You Protect Yourself From Getting


Dear Home Owner:

You are thinking about getting radiant heating in your home. You’ve heard the pros & cons. Everybody you talk to has an opinion and a horror story.

Where can you find all the information you need to make a good decision, in one place, at a great price, without the pressure of a salesman breathing down your neck?

You can get it right here – right NOW!

At this moment you can download my e-book :

Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know
BEFORE You Sign That Contract!

And have EVERYTHING you need to know right at your fingertips!

This is the most comprehensive guide ever written about Radiant Heat. Before you write that check, or even decide on the kind of system you want, you NEED to read this e-book.

In the eleven plus information packed chapters will you discover:

Powerful Radiant Heating Concepts

Three eye-opening ways that radiant heat is transferred. Which one is best for your home?

Phenomenal Benefits of Radiant Heating

Eleven benefits of radiant heating. Lower your heating costs while keeping your family warm all winter long.

Secrets of using Aluminum Explained

Packed with 28 tips that will determine success or failure of your radiant heating project

Revealing Thermal Mass Options

Leaving out this one step could cost you thousands. With these fourteen tried and true tips along with five different methods to cure your thermal mass, you are assured of a successful install.

Successful Staple-Up Applications

Nine proven installations tips that guarantee your radiant heating is properly installed.

Revealing Electrical Radiant Heating

Keep control of your budget by applying this single step before you begin. Ten tips that save you from mistakes during installation.

Uncover Powerful Radiant Barrier Uses

Leaving out any one of these eight steps could cause the warm air to be sucked right out of your home.

Revealing Floor Covering Secrets

Over twenty-one valuable tips you need to know before you install that hardwood floor or carpet to prevent disaster.

Successful Control Rooms

Getting all eight of these components installed properly will assure you a trouble-free system for years to come.

Designing your Radiant Heat System Secrets

If your radiant heat designer won't give you any one of these six reports, find another radiant heat designer before your project goes bad.

Avoiding Contractor and Sub-Contractor Disputes

Twenty-three questions to ask your contractor before you sign on the bottom line.

Larry - I want to again express my thanks to you for writing your e-book. After buying this book, I decided to hire a qualified radiant heat installer. There were no shortcuts taken, thanks to the knowledge I gained from your book. And I do appreciate your "service after the sale." That is rare these days.

Thanks again.
Jim Brown

It will tell you in minute detail:

  • What to look for as the tubing is installed – if it’s not done right, you’ll be hearing all kinds of noises driving you crazy.
  • What kind of carpet pad you need to get, and one kind that will block the heat and cause your family to freeze.
  • How to install radiant heat on an existing slab without breaking the bank.
  • Which is better for YOUR home, hydronic radiant heat, or electric radiant heat? WHY?
  • All of the details you need to look for to make certain the installation is done right.

This Radiant Heat Guide will explain all the benefits you will get from radiant heat, and every detail you need to know about the different kinds. You will learn which is the best for your circumstances. Not which is the best for the salesman to sell you.

Don’t go into such an investment in time and money unprepared!

This is a detailed radiant heat manual. It has so much in it; it should be mandatory reading for every person who’s even thinking about buying a radiant heating system.

It discusses:

  • Thermal mass radiant heat vs. aluminum based.
  • What is a good insulation to put under a slab.
  • What radiant barriers you need to use, where you should use them, what kind, even good brands to buy.
  • It tells you extensive details such as which direction you should lay your wood flooring strips in relation to the radiant heat tubing.
  • It gives useful tips, like how to prevent the workmen from damaging the newly installed system while they work on the remodeling or install the flooring.

There isn’t any aspect of this subject this complete guide to radiant heating doesn’t cover.

A tiny investment now, will save you a boatload of money later.

So how much is this e-book worth? This book has the potential to save you not only thousands of dollars, but to also make your installation, and your future life with radiant heating worry free.

I’m offering this complete guide to you for an amazingly low price of only $47.00 for a limited time. Then the price goes up to $67.00.

And not only can you have it for $47.00 for a limited time, I’m going to send you another free report as a thank you for downloading my e-book.

How to Fill a Closed Loop System

Once you have your system installed, this report will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about filling it, whether with water, anti-freeze, or another water treatment chemical. It will tell you how to be certain there aren’t any air pockets which will cause noise later.

This special report is absolutely FREE when you get my e-book:

Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know
BEFORE You Sign That Contract!

I’m so convinced my radiant heating guidebook will not only make you an expert on radiant heating, but will save you money and lots of grief from improper installation. I’m offering you this guarantee:

radiant heat guarantee

My Iron-Clad Guarantee!

If you don’t think my e-book, Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract! will save you money…

If you don’t find it to be the best source of information on radiant heating you’ve ever seen.

If you don’t believe the information in it will help you at all!

Just e-mail me within 30 days, and I’ll give you the whole $47 back. You will still have the free report.

If for any reason you don't like my e-book, e-mail me and say, "Larry, your e-book sucks, give me my money back." And I will.

To get my e-book, Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract! and the free report: Filling a Closed Loop System.

Save Yourself The Grief and Expense Now!

Once your order is processed via my online secure form, your e-book will be ready for your instant download.

Don’t be at the mercy of the radiant heating salespeople or the contractors.

Knowledge is POWER!

This gold mine of accurate information can be digitally download 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so Order Now by Clicking Here

radiant heating credit cards

You can pay using PayPal or your choice of Visa, Master Card, American Express, or Discover.


Larry Lang

P.S. Don’t forget, my e-book will not only save you TONS of money, let you know if those installers actually know what they are doing and  tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about radiant heating down to what carpet pad to buy… my e-book which will protect you from getting RIPPED OFF has a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee. I’ll give you back the whole $47 if you don’t think this e-book saved you money and untold grief.

P.P.S. You will not only get my e-book, Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract! you will get my FREE report, Filling a Closed Loop System.

To get my e-book, Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract! and the free report: Filling a Closed Loop System.

(Click here)

Get it BEFORE you talk to another know-it-all who’ll tell you his opinion which isn‘t worth diddly-squat! Get the FACTS!

radiant heating credit cards


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